Mauro Dinucci was born in San Jorge, Argentina. Raised during the dark years of a military dictatorship, Mauro's artistic temperament would not be suppressed. Traveling on a 7 day visa, he emigrated to the United States at the age of 17. With his rebelious and gregarious spirit, San Francisco proved to be a natural setting for Dinucci's performance artwork. Mauro changed his name to Ffortissimo and began collecting pianos. He took them apart, made them into sculpture, pushed them off rooftops and most recently set one on the bluffs for a series of sunset performances. His unrestrained exploration of the 12 tone scale has resulted in paintings, poetry, and a boundless ability to gather people together for the sake of art.


In 1995 Mauro was given the oppurtunity to renovate an ocean front warehouse in Half Moon Bay. With recycled materials and limited funds, Enso came to be. While serving the local community as a center for yoga, Enso has provided Mauro with an expanse of wall space and exceptional accoustics. His artwork and pianos are featured prominently throughout the property.


Mauro lives with his wife/partner/artist Carrie Hollister and their nine cats Fidel, Pearl, Pasha, Camilla, Tanjowie, Octavio, Pinkie, Mocho and Jupiter.


131 kelly ave. half moon bay, ca  |  650.726.1409 | mauro@ensohmb.com